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Club Auctions
4th, November  2018

The Auctions this year were well attended. As always, Messers Brian, Michael and Cptn Ron officiated and did a splendid job as ever, entertaining us all at the same time as raising funds.

Brian selling wellThe auction came in two parts.
It started with the auction of  the late Jimmy Millar's items.

Sadly, Jim passed away, earlier this year.

We all hope the
fantastic amount raised from this part of the auction will help the family.

Thank you all for digging so very deep into your pockets.

 Then came the charity auction, as always  a well attended event, with a huge array of diverse items for sale.  As far as I’m aware most of the items were sold. Thank you gentlemen for you bids, the charity to benefit, will be discussed and decided at the AGM.
Member enjoying the auction
In the galley as always, Jamesie did a sterling job, ably assisted by Sandy. They served a variety of hot food, with the home made soup being a firm favourite on a cold and drizzly day.

Due to rain and low water level, Fast Robert, was the only one out sailing
on the pond (what, no fast electric)
Instead, he
Robert's Romanian Police launchwas sailing a nice Romanian Police launch.
Unfortunately, this year, 
there was no night sail, fireworks or BBQ ..... but maybe next year.

I believe, a good day was had by all, with good causes benefiting from the generosity of GRMBC members and other club members local to the area.

A splendid effort everyone and, here’s to next year............

Report by Gary Mills
Club member
GRMBC 2018