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Archives & Reports

Reports 2018
Auction Feb 2018
Open Day July 2018
Waverley Trip August 2018
Tug Towing  October 2018
Mainstay Trust
Auction Nov 2018

Reports 2017
Start of Season 2017
Waverley Trip to Oban
Waverley August
The Final Charity Sail from this side of the pond

Reports 2016
Ellesmere Port March 2016
Start of Season 2016
Waverley 2016
3 in 1 2016

Reports 2015
Blackfrier's Primary School
Start of Season 2015
Rangers in the Park
Waverley Trip
Members Update re. Pump & Algae

Reports 2014
Welcome to 2014 our 30th Anniversary
Ellesmere Port May 2014
Start of Season Show 2014
Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust
Tug Towing 2014
The 7th National Warship Weekend
Charity Show 2014
Summerlee 2014
Haydock Park 2014
Anniversarry Waverley Trip

Reports 2013
Start of Season 2013 The 7th Scottish Tug-in
The 6th National Warship Weekend End of Season Charity Show
The day the PM Popped in
Summerlee Model Weekend
3 in 1, Auction, BBQ & Evening Sail

Reports 2012

Welcome to 2012
Start of Season Show 2012
The 6th Scottish Tug-in
The 5th National Warship Weekend
End of Season Show 2012
Evening Sail & BBQ 2012

Clubhouse Renovations 2011 - 2012

Reports 2011
Welcome to 2011
Start of Season May 2011
Donations Auction May 2011
5th Anual Scottish Tug-in June 2011
June 2011 update
Bring & Buy/BBQ/Evening Sails Aug 2011
Scottish Maritime Museum, Sept 2011 End of Season Charity Show Sept 2011
Race Night at Oatlands Community Centre

Reports 2010
Nip Sunday, March 2010 Start of Season, May 2010
Glenlee, May 2010 4th Annual Scottish Tug-in, June 2010
International Nip Sunday, June 2010
Glenlee, August 2010
End of Season Sail, Sept 2010
Swan in the Park
Twilight Sail, Nov 2010
GRMBC 2010